the band

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Sara’s new release What We’re Made Of, features several long-term collaborators as well as a whole group of new friends.

I am very lucky to work with such a group of musical people. They have brought so much to this project, not only their considerable instrumental skills, but also open hearts and minds - real sensitivity to the needs of each song and a willingness to get on board with the process of putting these songs together
— Sara

They also have superpowers……


Ben Markland and I have been involved in many projects together over the years and he is unflappable! With Ben, there is always a solution - and not just any old solution, a musical and enjoyable one! By comparison Rebecca Nash is a new friend and collaborator but it feels like we’ve been working together for ever. Becs and I seem to share an almost exact sense of time and pulse, which is joyful especially in duo songs. Writing and exploring Dreamer together was so enjoyable - and challenging.


According to Sara, this project would not have happened without the patience and tenacity of Steve Banks.


"Ever since we got together 8 years ago, Steve has been quietly encouraging me to persevere with my own songs, with writing and recording - it’s some sort of Jedi mind trick! And he is, without fail, always willing to pick up a guitar and try something out with me, explore the possibilities."


Percy and I lead the Jazzlines Ensemble programme and head up the JL Summer School every August and have played together for several years now - as well as being such a consummate and heartfelt musician Percy is really funny! In a very dry and poker-faced way.


Jules and Silky are both people I have known for some years but we haven’t played together that much so it was a treat to co-write and record with both of them and their superpower is definitely string arranging!


The Carducci Quartet is a string ensemble based in Cheltenham and recommend by Sam Slater at Stoney Lane.  "It was amazing to have such an accomplished quartet bring their vibe to the music - I hadn’t met any of them before and they went above and beyond staying late to get the session done - super impressed and grateful!"


"Adriano is a new friend too - what a lovely, lovely man! This music has definitely benefitted from his Brazilian perspective as well as his unique box of percussion tricks."


Anthony Marsden studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire and is now pursuing post graduate studies at The Manhattan School of Jazz in NYC. Emilia Martensson is a Swedish/Slovenian born singer and songwriter based in the UK and Slovenia.


"I have known these lovely people for a good few years and worked with them in both performance and educational settings. Beautiful singers, their voices are so distinctive and full of character and as they are both also songwriters, I knew they would bring something very special to my original music. And we had fun!"