London Jazz News - Interview (Part 1)

Singer, pianist and songwriter SARA COLMAN has a new album, What We’re Made Of, out on Stoney Lane Records in June. But before that, Sara and her new band (plus strings) have two concerts coming up. Peter Bacon met her at Stoney Lane’s home in Digbeth, Birmingham. In the first of two pieces for LondonJazz News Sara talks about the many aspects of the piecemeal existence of the working musician.

London Jazz News: You came from a musical family?

Sara Colman: My father was a doctor, my mother looked after us and then did all sorts of other things – she was very artistic and creative – but they were very musical as were my grandparents. There was lots of music around the house: jazz from my dad, pop from my mum, of the ‘70s variety. So I was listening to blues and Bessie Smith and Ella Fitzgerald, and Abba and Carole King and John Denver – quite a wide variety of music. And then a lot of classical music also.


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Tom Robins